Positive Behavior Programs

Top Cat

To recognize each student's unique strengths and accomplishments, teachers select a different student each week/month to be Top Cat in their classrooms. Students are honored in their classrooms in a variety of ways.

Safe and Caring Schools

The Safe & Caring Schools program incorporates social/emotional learning into daily academic instruction. Activities develop competencies in self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. The Safe and Caring Schools program promotes activities that decrease negative behaviors including bullying, harassment, and violence. The program promotes an environment where everyone can build strong character and experience academic success. This year we continue to use quality literature to help illustrate each character skill and build developmental assets in our students. Students, staff, and parent volunteers explore how characters in various books illustrate the highlighted character skill and brainstorm ways in which they can do the same. There will be a theme focus and character skill highlighted in our school newsletters each month.

Peacemakers by Soul Shoppe

We partner with Soul Shoppe to provide our students and teachers with anti-bullying tools. Students attend assemblies and workshops dedicated to empowering them with anti-bullying vocabulary, strategies, and practice. Teachers learn how to support students in class and on the playground.

Soul Shoppe's vision is to create a big hearted & bully free world where…

  • People use effective communication tools to eliminate fighting, misunderstanding & bullying.
  • People know & recognize each other’s worth, eliminating the kind of teasing that creates low self-esteem and low academic performance.

How do we do this? By…

  • Teaching effective communication tools – I Message, Clean-up, Stop & Breathe and The Balloon, our kid-tested metaphor for emotional self-regulation.
  • Incorporating character building stories and experiences into our workshops.
  • Addressing the real issues students are facing, strategizing and planning for future solutions.
  • Optimizing learning environments for social emotional learning.
  • Supporting the entire school community.

Student Council

JFS Student Council represents the voice of our students. They help to plan and execute school-wide special activities and provide input on school decisions.

Project Cornerstone

Developmental assets are positive relationships, opportunities, values and skills that young people need to become caring and responsible. Norwood Creek School is committed to helping our children in developing these assets. Through our partnership with Project Cornerstone, students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of class and school wide service projects. In addition to our commitment to students, we are making a commitment of the families of our community. We would like our community to become knowledgeable about developmental assets and ways to build them in our youth. Workshops and opportunities for parents to participate in the program will be made available.

Special Incentives

In addition to Top Cat, students can earn certificates, privileges, or rewards for achievement in a special area of behavior determined by the teacher or principal. Awards for Perfect Attendance, and Gold and Silver Honor Roll are awarded each trimester.

Walk n' Roll

JFS participates in Walk n' Roll, a grant funded program to encourage walking and bicycling to school.

Walk n’ Roll Goals include:

  • Instill healthy and active lifestyle behaviors by promoting daily physical activity in a fun social environment
  • Improve safety by increasing the numbers and visibility of students walking to school
  • Reducing traffic congestion and related air pollution around schools
  • Increase community engagement

Honor Roll

Honor Roll is a special accommodation awarded to students who reach certain academic goals throughout the year. You must be in grades 4-6 to be eligible for the program.
  • Gold Honor Roll is awarded to students who receive all A's on their report card and demonstrate satisfactory citizenship (no N's or U's).
  • Silver Honor Roll is awarded to students who receive all A's and B's on their report card and no N's or U's.

Report cards are given out each trimester. Students have three opportunities over the course of the school year to reach Honor Roll.

ELD Reclassification

Each spring, we celebrate the achievement of our English Language Learners at the district Reclassification Ceremony. This is an opportunity to recognize students who have tested proficient in English.

Art Reflections

JFS celebrates the arts with the support of the National PTA Reflections program. Students at every grade are invited to create an art piece around a common theme in the categories of dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and visual arts.

Girls on the Run

The two words that best describe Girls on the Run are FUN and RUN. Every aspect of this program is geared toward helping girls feel good about who the are -- physically, emotionally and socially. This 10-week spring session from March - May is an esteem-building program set to inspire girls to be joyful, healthy, and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum with creatively integrates running.

Girls on the Run is open to all 3rd - 6th grade girls. Practice starts in March and ends in May with a 5K run/walk event in Vasona Park in Los Gatos. Registration is in December-January and space is limited. For more information or to register your daughter, see the Girls on the Run website.

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