Positive Behavior Programs

We focus on SAFETY, RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY.  Students using SELF-CONTROL with their physical bodies and the words that come out of their mouths are of utmost importance. Students make decisions about their own behavior and have consequences if they make a negative choice. Children are human and make mistakes. A powerful conversation with a student involves asking them, if they could rewind and go back to the same situation, what would he/she do differently? Reflect on the choice that was made and the consequences for that decision. The most important thing is that students learn from those mistakes and make better decisions in the future.

We treat students individually, based on what will work for them. While the rules will be uniform for all, specific consequences will be assigned on an individual basis based upon the needs, offense, and history of the student. Just as students need different approaches to reading, they need different approaches to discipline. We believe that being fair means giving each person what he/she needs, not treating everyone exactly the same.

Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS)

PBIS is a schoolwide system that works to promote positive behaviors and redirect negative behaviors through teaching. Within a safe and nurturing environment, staff uses consistent goals and simple language / terms, while understanding where each student is in the learning process. Besides our focus that kindness matters and our school motto of "Cougars Count on Each Other," our three main Cadwallader rules are:

Cadwallader's Code of Conduct Poster - Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible

Be Safe

We do nothing that could hurt ourselves or others. We resolve conflicts in a calm and thoughtful manner.

Be Respectful

We speak courteously to everyone. We follow the directions of all staff. We treat both school and personal belongings carefully.

Be Responsible

We are accountable for our own actions.  We set goals and work to achieve them.  We learn from our mistakes and celebrate our growth.

Additional Positive Behavior Programs

Students receive cougar paws from staff members for positive behaviors.  Following the school rules of our Three Be's, doing the right thing, being helpful, or simple acts of kindness are the main reasons for receiving a cougar paw.  Those cougar paws are cashed in every month or so for incentives students prefer.  A simple sticker or glitter pencil, being a helper in our front office or library, using sidewalk chalk at recess, wearing a cape to be a superhero for a day, or our popular pet therapy with a cat or dog during recess are all examples of incentives for students.